Vent-Seal was launched in 1996 after a number of years of intense research and became the first spray-foam to be approved by the South African Government Mining Engineer for permanent underground installations since the banning of polyurethane materials.

Vent-Seal conforms to SANS 1867/2012 and is continually being researched and tested to improve its performance with respect to non-toxicity and fire retardancy.


Vent-Seal is manufactured locally and exported internationally for use in mining applications where it is primarily used for ventilation control underground and for sealing off underground fires.

Vent-seal is also used in specific applications in the construction industry.


Dura-Seal is a light-weight stainless steel mesh screen with a fire-retarded woven polypropylene backing. Dura-Seal acts as a support for Vent-Seal spray-foam when building ventilation barriers.


Vent-Prop is a light-weight telescopic prop with a screw-type tensioning system.

The Vent-Prop acts as a support for Dura-Seal panels and Vent-Seal spray-foam when building ventilation barriers.

The props come in two different sizes and will span gaps from 1.2m to 3.6m in height.

Fire hose manifold

The Fire Hose Manifold consists of a “T” shaped body with a single 100 mm storz inlet and four 50 mm brass adaptor outlets.