Lead Nitrate


The use of lead nitrate has become widespread in gold cyanidation to improve leaching kinetics and increase gold recovery since the 1990s.

Lead nitrate is also widely used in flotation of rare earth metals, manufacture of detonators, pyrotechnics and in laboratory applications.

Aerocell is the largest manufacturer of lead nitrate in the Southern Hemisphere as well as on the African continent.

Our focus on customer service and quality enables us to supply lead nitrate according to individual needs.

Various packaging options are available to suit the required application.

1000kg Bag

500kg Bag

25kg Bag



Appearance: The material shall be fine, white to Off-white crystals, virtually free from Grit and visible impurities
Purity on Dry basis: 99.5 % (m/m) min as Pb(NO3 )2
Loss @ 105°C: 1.5 % (m/m) max
Lead Nitrate: 98.0 % (m/m) min as Pb(NO3 )2
Water insolubles: 0.05 % (m/m) max
Acidity: 0.3 % (m/m) max (3000ppm) as HNO3
Copper: 0.0015 % (m/m) max
Iron: 0.0005 % (m/m) max