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Linked to the mining industry Aerocell manufacture spray foam products and lead nitrate for local and international markets. Vent-Seal spray foam is used as an airtight sealant for ventilation control in underground mines particularly in times of crisis.

Underground fires need to be sealed off as soon as possible and usually under severe conditions. By isolating the fire carbon monoxide and other lethal combustion gases are contained and simultaneously the fire is starved of oxygen. Vent-Seal is the ideal product for this application.

During a fire, smoke can cause almost zero visibility, rescue personnel usually wear self-contained breathing apparatus and temperatures can easily exceed 50°C. Dura-Seal ventilation panels are lightweight steel mesh sheets that are erected across the tunnel mouth. Vent-Seal, a self contained, two component spray foam is then sprayed onto the Dura-Seal to produce the seal. Vent-Seal sets within seconds and adheres to dusty rock surfaces. Two people can erect a 3x3m seal in 40 min and the total weight of Vent-Seal and Dura-Seal materials needed is only 88 kg.

Vent-Seal is highly fire retardant and emits very low concentrations of combustion gases when exposed to flame. Vent-Seal has been extensively tested and conforms to the South African National Standard 1867-2003 “expanded foams for use in underground mines” and is accepted for use in Australian mines.

Free training is supplied to customers and the company is on call 24/7/365.

Lead Nitrate is supplied to mines which use it in some processes for the extraction of precious metals from ore.

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Vent-Seal Spray Foam Packs

Vent-Seal is a self-contained two component spray foam pack. A pack consists of two light weight cylinders containing an isocynurate catalyst and polyol resin, despensing gun and kit containing...

Dura-Seal Ventilation Panels

Dura-Seal is a light weight steel mesh screen with a fire retarded woven polypropylene backing. The panel is 2600 mm long by 600 mm wide and weighs about 2.6 kg. Dura-Seal panels are supplied in...

Vent-Prop Ventilation Barrier Support

Vent-Prop is a light weight telescopic prop with a screw type tensioning system and remote tension release mechanism. The props come in three different sizes and will span gaps from 1.2 m to 4.6 m...

Vent-Seal Carry Bag

The carry bag is manufactured from a robust PVC plastic and is designed to hold a Vent-Seal spray foam box on an operator’s back by means of two shoulder straps.

Fire Hose Manifold

The Fire Hose Manifold consists of a “T” shaped body with a single 100 mm stortz inlet and four 50 mm brass adaptor outlets.

Lead Nitrate

The Lead Nitrate is an industrial grade white or off white crystal salt.

Front-Line Odour Warning System

Front-Line consists of a cylinder containing a pungent citrus fragrant housed in a metal box that can be positioned or mounted where needed. The systems are equipped with either an automatic or...